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ZT: Funny chat on KGS
« on: 五月 19, 2010, 12:29:54 pm »
KGS is a WeiQi server, you have to play WeiQi to enjoy some of the humor in the chat below. I myself find them really funny.



Beginners Can Come Up with Great Questions

senile: Can somebody help me please?
volcane: what's the problem?
senile: I have a problem and not sure where to report it
senile: to the maker of this program or to sun
senile: it's a graphical problem
senile: the stones never land in the squares
chewbacca: lol
senile: any idea?
chewbacca: the stones are placed on the intersections
senile: ohh u 2 have the problem?
chewbacca: yes
volcane: yes its very common
senile: i'll try another server then, thanks

[WJY's note: in chess, you put your pieces in the squares, but in WeiQi, you put each stone at the intersection]


Nu0li [2k]: I've tried to teach my 8-year-old brother, but he cant
zedi [19k]: ive been trying to teach my 20-year-old friends, but they
cant concentrate either

Biographical Note

dadada: i thought nugy was a 40yo truckdriver living with mom
nugatory: 45yo truckdriver, but i killed my mother before i could drive

The Wife

paccap [3d]: thanks
paccap [3d]: My wife came in at this moment, so I had to switch to
another window
JeffChang [9d]: oh...


Mef: I hate those guys who play the stupid invasions that only work if
you make;3 stupid mistakes......and then you make 3 stupid mistakes

Economics Specialist

masaaku: I majored in econmics? does that give me some credentials?
otofreq: so you can count (I hope)

The Difference

mexyz: with beginners, it is hard to tell a misclick from a no-brainer
mexyz: with strong players it is almost impossible to tell

Go in a Nutshell

easter: If go shows anything it shows that there are no rules without
exceptions, and that without common sense you won't get far, but with it you
probably do even worse.

It's a Classic

hemb: it's like my game came from a standard joseki book under the "
Wrong" section

No Choice

wolchengi: i have had 2 girls walk away from me because of my go
mendelbox: man has to do what a man has to do
wolchengi: one of the girls was older and had good reason to
BAZI: play go?
wolchengi: the other was stupid enough to ask, "if you had to choose
between baduk and me...;which would you choose?"

On thickness

A: White's thickness goes to waste
B: My thickness goes to my waist too

[WJY's note: In WeiQi, if one side has built a big wall, or a strong group affecting the neighboring area, we say that side has thickness, if the thickness is not utilized, then, it is wasted]

Make Big Money, Work from Home

KuudeeKun: never heard of 1d (ama) making money by teaching go
info: i've heard of 10ks on KGS charging to teach
jwalton: How much can they bill you back for the stuff you teach that is
info: make them bring a signed letter from the 7d they replace you with

jwalton: oh yeah, 7d charges $10 for letter, you get $5 refund

Advanced Reduction

tempo: what is cap on a cap called if white has a half board moyo with
the side hoshi;and you play the 6th line cap on his 4th line stone and then he
plays 8th line;cap on your capping stone. Is there a name for this?
tywin: Optimism.


A: does anyone know how i can set up a tournament?
B: get some friends together ^^;
A: does anyone wanna be my friend?

Rise of the Bots

lepore: ok seriously a robot just escaped on me
RoundTuit: they are getting smarter
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