Author Topic: 2009 BOSTON INVITATIONAL TEAM TOURNAMENT  (Read 11589 times)


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For badminton players in Boston area, there will be a very interesting
tournament to watch this weekend. It is the Boston Invitational team
tournament. Many good players will participate in this tournament. Maugus
team will have Andy Chong, Ajit, Pashupati and others. DC team has the
boston open double champion Sam and Vincent, New York team has Chibin Wu etc
. Bob Malaythong will be representing the juniors. It's going to be very
interesting. For details, see the following infor document.



Dates Saturday October 3rd, 8.30 am - 9.00 pm
Sunday October 4th, 9.00 am - 5.00 pm

Venue Rockwell Cage, MIT, Vassar Street, Cambridge, MA

Participants The following have accepted an invitation to enter a team

Team Captain

Boston Metro Neil Davies
Cornell Mike Hsu
D. C. Amy Nguy
Maugus Andy Chong
M. I. T. Heymian Wong
Univ. of Montreal Jean-Robert Quevillon
New York Badminton Chibing Wu
Northeast Juniors Kirill Boyarin and Bob Malaythong

A minimum of six men and four women is required per team and will be
selected by the team captain. A size of around nine men and six women
is recommended.

Format Saturday (10/3) will consist of round robin play in two groups of
four teams.
Sunday (10/4) will consist of knockout play based on final group

Each team will play three ties on Saturday and two ties on Sunday

Each tie will consist of eleven matches as follows

2 Mens Singles
1 Ladies Singles
3 Mens Doubles
2 Ladies Doubles
3 Mixed Doubles

A player may represent his / her team in a maximum of two matches per
tie i.e., singles and doubles, or singles and mixed, or doubles and
mixed. The team captain selects his / her team for each tie.

Shuttles: Shuttles will be provided for all matches and used throughout

Prizes Trophy prizes will be awarded to the top three teams

Entry fee $600 per team

For more information contact your team captain

Chris Lawrence (Tournament Director)