Author Topic: How deep is google?  (Read 5386 times)


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How deep is google?
« on: 九月 08, 2004, 11:53:36 am »
On a puzzle newsgroup, someone posted a puzzle asking what is the smallest positive integer that you can put in google and get no result back? I thought this was a boring question until I saw some answers. It seems there's no 7 digits solution. That is, put in any 7 digits integer in google, you will find some webpage mention that integer. This really surprised me. What really surprised me most is the following reply to the post:
I asked my girlfriend what she thought (hoping that her lack of Internet
experience would give her a more inspired, intuitive, answer).

She said "393939" ought to be unique.

She was suprised when Google found 3,300 matches, but shocked that it
discovered a website called

Amazing, isn't it.


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How deep is google?
« Reply #1 on: 九月 09, 2004, 09:03:23 am »
well, you can cheat :D

For example, you can put a lot of 0 in front of something, well, it will have a lot of digits, but it is still a small number.

e.g., 00000000000000000000000031 won't have any match in google.

The interesting thing about this cheat is that if you put a lot of 0's in front of 1 (which will garantee the smallest pos. int.) ---- it is quite funny to see how many of them you will need. (I tried a bit, with something 40 0's, you still find something matches...)... maybe you need to put 254 0's to finish it. But whatever... I figure this might be more entertaining than the "true" answer to the problem :)
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